About GPTC

PTCleather_bw_and_domain_nameGlobal PT Cruisers is built on the principles of making new friends across the globe, to increase and yet safeguard our PT and Personal IDentity; provide a remembrance for our Fallen Heroes [our PT’s] which we miss, and some of us were able to make mends to and hang on to.

Our diversified Global PT Cruiser gathering site continues to grow by working to best meet the needs of PT Cruiser owners, improving our standard offerings, and listening to the members.

One of our goals is to be the largest international web based PT Community providing on-line activities, social networking and a Cyber Car Show for those who like to show off their PTs.

When PT Owners aren’t Cruiz’n in their PT’s, they may be Cruiz’n the PT web sites out there, around the globe.

Global PT Cruisers causes:

to make it easier to find “local to you” fellow PT owners
help put some extra money in your pocket for customizing your PT

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for PT enthusiast everywhere.

There are no dues / fees to be part of Global PT Cruisers.

Global PT Cruisers web site creator/founder story: I wished for 20+ years for something to come out that could be done [customized] like the cars back in the days of customizing.  When I started one of my many businesses, my business model included needing a vehicle that would attract attention to it when I was parked at my clients homes or businesses.  I looked for over a year.  Then I saw it.  The first year PT.  I watched it go by.  Realized I looked at it multiple times [major head-turning], looking away, then back at it, as it went by or I drove by.  Then I noticed others doing the same thing.

I bought a 2001 !  It became my sixth child!

Once, I actually caught someone else eyeballing mine.  I watched him drive by in his pick-up, looking at the car.  He turned around and came back and asked questions about it!

Since the PT, there is the HHR, Scion xB, others.  I am sorry for them because nothing beats my PT life.  I still want two or three more PTs.  I am sorry for Chrysler though, I don’t care for the cosmetic mods done for the 2006 and newer lines.  For me, those brought the car closer to the newer age styling.  I like the first few years that were maintained.

My 1st 2001 PT is now in PT Heaven.  After they saw how distraught I became, some friends of mine relabeled “PT” to Poor Terry.  Though I proved reindeer fly, I would rather have my PT.  She is now a member of “Fallen PTs” [Fallen Heros] at https://globalptcruisers.club

A note to Chrysler Corp:  Keep the PT Alive!

Be Safe!  HAPPY CRUIS’N !!

Terry Kohler